Who We Are

Attorneys Brian C. Ross and Teresa L. Ross founded The Ross Law Firm to provide legal services that are a step above the rest. With an unparalleled commitment to the position of each client, our team of legal professionals uses years of experience to translate your case into a winnable opportunity. As an Atlanta-based firm that is invested in the local community, we understand how Georgia State laws affect you and your family. Unlike larger national firms, we believe in a personalized approach that values communication and cooperation throughout the legal process.


One of the best measures of an attorney’s reputation are the referrals they receive from past clients, as well as, other attorneys. The Ross Law Firm is humbled and honored by the number of referral cases we receive, as they are indicative of just how dedicated we are to helping those in need. Our reputation fighting for our clients by building the best case possible is evident not only by our results, but by the trust that they have in us. Thank you, and we look forward to continue fighting!


Our firm is located in Downtown Atlanta, just a few blocks away from the most important courts in the Southeast. We extend our legal services to clients throughout Georgia, including the Greater Atlanta Metro Area and the many suburbs that fall outside city limits. Even if you are not located in the Atlanta area, we encourage you to still contact our team, as we routinely accept cases as far as Savannah, Macon, Augusta, and Athens.

What We Do

When you choose The Ross Law Firm, you have a unique opportunity to partner with one of the most reputable names in both car accidents and personal injury. As our primary legal focuses, these two practices give us a wide range in assisting clients from a variety of circumstances and achieving verdicts and settlements that get you back on your feet.

Car Accidents:

We understand that recovering from a car accident is difficult both physically and mentally. The last thing most car accident victims want to think about is how they will pay for expenses that arise due to their injuries.  It can be very difficult to deal with insurance companies if you don’t know your rights and their legal obligations.  The Ross Law Firm will give you the legal representation you need to stand up for your rights and maximize your compensation.

Personal Injury:

From dog bites to premises liability, our team understands the hardship that you face after an accident. Whether your accident leads to a minor injury or a major surgery, these problems can upend your quality of life. We want to ensure that you are rightfully compensated for injuries that were not your fault.

Wrongful Death:

There is immeasurable grief whenever a family member or relative is killed due to someone else’s negligence. Whether an organization or individual is responsible for this misfortune, The Ross Law Firm can help you achieve closure after such an event.

Why We Can Help You Win

Access to legal representation is the most important part of protecting your rights. Access to REAL legal representation is the difference between winning your case and losing. Selecting the right lawyer is one of the biggest decisions you can make regarding the success of your case, so you should never settle for anything but the best.

The attorneys at The Ross Law Firm have the expertise and reputation to resolve your car accident and personal injury claims cases quickly and equitably. Our team has led hundreds of Atlanta clients to favorable outcomes, earning them the financial awards they respectively deserve.

Our team is different

We use a personalized, client-driven approach to resolve your legal needs. When years of legal experience is combined with dedicated client engagement, the result is REAL REPRESENTATION – something that The Ross Law Firm delivers to each of its clients. Maximizing your chances for legal success is as easy as scheduling a free consultation with one of our staff members. Contact The Ross Law Firm today.

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