Have you suffered serious injury or emotional harm due to someone else’s negligence?  If you are a resident of Roswell, Georgia and need aggressive legal representation for your personal injury claim, the Ross Law Firm is your solution.  Our team of experienced attorneys understands just how much an injury can transform your life, resulting in lost wages, exorbitant medical bills, and an immeasurable drop in your quality of life. When you partner with our firm, the primary objective is to help you recover these financial losses and get you and your family back on your feet. Contact our team today for more information about how our attorneys can assist with your claim.

Personal Injury Claims in Roswell

Located in North Fulton, the Roswell community is one that is rooted in tradition and history. Downtown Roswell is noted for its memorable southern charm and hospitality, which hasn’t been lost even as the population has skyrocketed since the 1990’s. Given the widespread development around the city, car wrecks and traffic incidents have increased steadily in recent years, leaving hundreds of drivers unfairly victimized by injurious collisions. Seeking compensation and financial options for recovery are part of the legal remedy that you are guaranteed under the law.

Personal injury claims can take many forms. While traffic accidents are a fairly common example, defendants can also be civilly prosecuted for premise liability claims, like when you are accidentally injured on someone else’s property. Additional types of personal injury claims include animal attacks, slips & falls, drunk driving accidents, and wrongful death claims, each of which offer you a chance to seek financial recovery options.

The Value of Experience

Only a small fraction of personal injury claims actually make it court. The at-fault party reaches a settlement in a majority of these cases, but the outcome of these settlements largely depends on the experience and strategy of your attorney. Make no mistake – the more negotiation experience that your attorney has is directly correlated to the settlement money you receive. At The Ross Law Firm, our lawyers have years of concrete experience fighting for victims’ rights in personal injury claims. From Georgia courtrooms to heated mediations, our attorneys possess an unmatched understanding of statutes and case law that gives our clients an edge in every case.

Perhaps most importantly, The Ross Law Firm understands the human element behind every personal injury claim. We value communication and client interaction from the very first day of representation, guaranteeing that you will be receiving the most comprehensive legal representation available in the Roswell area.

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