Are you a Marietta resident seeking an aggressive, yet affordable personal injury attorney? Look no further than The Ross Law Firm. Our legal team is so confident in our results that clients do not owe any fees unless we reach a positive outcome. We are a different kind of law firm – one that values client input from the first day of representation and aggressively seeks financial recovery for medical bills, lost wages, and quality of life. Our lawyers are respected in the Georgia legal community as some of the most   knowledgeable and hardworking personal injury attorneys in the state and we have experience handling cases worth millions of dollars. Our team wants you to achieve the same success as well. Contact us today for a consultation about your personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Claims in Marietta

As one of the largest suburbs outside of the Atlanta area, Marietta is a bustling community of shopping and industry. Every year, hundreds of personal injury claims originate in the city, which are either settled outside of court or fought vehemently at trial. What are the most common types of personal injury in Marietta? Like most communities, auto accidents are one of the biggest sources of claims in the area. Similarly, pedestrian-involved accidents are also fairly common due to the high volume of shopping in the area.

Because Marietta is also used as a transportation corridor in and out of the city of Atlanta, there are also hundreds of trucking accidents every year. Accidents involving trucking companies and the shipping industry are usually very different from regular civilian automobile wrecks. From animal attacks to premise liability, there are virtually endless ways that a personal injury claim can arise, so it’s important you have the right attorney representing you.

The Value of Experience

Why should you choose The Ross Law Firm? Brian and Teresa Ross are some of Marietta’s most trusted personal injury attorneys. In the past decade, Brian has held the prestigious position of Senior Assistant District Attorney with Fulton County, while Teresa has served as an associate with one of the state’s biggest personal injury firms. When they established The Ross Law Firm, they brought with them a reputation that took years to develop and a renewed sense of justice for personal injury victims.

Our team brings a client-driven approach to each and every decision that we make. Unlike many personal injury lawyers, we understand that these cases represent real people and real families, so our job is not only to help you recover financially, but to help you regain the life you once had. From the first day of representation, clients notice that our team genuinely cares about the merits of a case and we are not satisfied until a successful outcome has been reached.

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At The Ross Law Firm, we believe in high-quality representation for each and every client. No one should be excluded from the very best legal advisors, so we don’t charge any fees until your case reaches a successful conclusion. For a free consultation, contact our team today at (678) 502-0229 or find more information on our website.

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