How do you know which personal injury lawyer is right for you? What about an attorney that values client interaction every step of the way and promises affordable legal representation with a “no fees unless we win” policy? If these are the characteristics that you’re looking for in a personal injury attorney, then contact The Ross Law Firm – Macon’s  leader in auto accident and premise liability law. Our team is trusted throughout the state of Georgia to bring high-quality representation to clients across a wide variety of personal injury claims. Standing with our team is the best defense in securing a positive financial outcome for your family.

Personal Injury Claims in Macon

Macon-Bibb County is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in Georgia. With more than 150,000 residents, the population of this central Georgia town has skyrocketed in recent decades, bringing with it a spike in the number of personal injury claims that are filed each year. These types of cases can take many different forms, from automobile accidents to animal attacks and hit & runs, so it is imperative that your attorney have a solid understanding of Georgia statutes and case law to fight for your rights.

Like in most areas of the state, a large majority of personal injury claims are settled outside of court, meaning that a financial settlement is often reached with the at-fault party. This process involves careful negotiation with the insurance companies, and our firm’s end goal is always to maximize the claimant’s financial reward. Because an injury can cause serious monetary hardship for many families in the form of lost wages, unpaid medical bills, and emotional pain & suffering, The Ross Law Firm will fight aggressively to compensate you and your loved ones for the losses you have sustained.

The Value of Experience

The attorneys at The Ross Law Firm have pursued countless personal injury claims worth millions of dollars. Our unmatched knowledge of Georgia statutes, relevant case law, and aggressive legal strategies gives every client the upper hand in their claims for personal injury. Our attorneys are respected in the Macon legal community as some of the most effective and client-driven lawyers in the area. They bring years of courtroom and negotiation experience to every case, ensuring that a client receives the best legal representation available.

The firm’s two senior attorneys, Brian and Teresa Ross, boast an exceptional track record of successful cases. Brian has years of courtroom experience as a former Senior Assistant District Attorney for Fulton County, while Teresa served as an associate with one of the state’s largest personal injury firms. Together, they bring client satisfaction to the forefront of every legal decision and will not rest until their client’s quality of life has been restored.

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