Were you the victim of a personal injury accident? Have you suffered financially or physically due to the negligence of another group or individual? To seek the financial and legal remedy you deserve, The Ross Law Firm is committed to offering high-quality legal representation to Acworth residents. With years of courtroom and negotiation experience, our team brings unparalleled legal strategy to every decision, helping clients achieve successful outcomes across the state of Georgia.

Acworth Personal Injury Claims

Located in Cobb County and extending into parts of Paulding and Cherokee County, the city of Acworth is a growing community nestled between Lake Allatoona and Lake Acworth. Even though personal injury claims can take many forms, boating accidents are an unfortunate yet common source for injury-causing accidents. If you are involved in a water sports related incident or boating collision, you could recover financial damages from the at-fault party. Partnering with the right attorney makes all the difference when it comes to securing a settlement that benefits your family.

Personal injury claims can also arise from automobile accidents, trucking wrecks, animal attacks, premise liability accidents, hit & runs, and a variety of other negligent acts. In almost all of these scenarios, the victim is unfairly forced to miss time at work, incur huge medical bills, and suffer emotional damage.  The Ross Law Firm is committed to helping Acworth claimants find comprehensive legal strategies that will increase their chances of a successful claim.

The Value of Experience

Brian and Teresa Ross are respected in the Georgia legal community as some of the most promising attorneys. They each have years of experience fighting for the rights of their clients, respectively serving as a Senior Assistant District Attorney in Fulton County and representing personal injury victims at one of Georgia’s biggest firms. Now, the team has taken their winning formula and applied it to their own practice – bringing Acworth clients the very best legal representation that is available under the law.

The firm’s attorneys bring a unique focus to client communication and interaction, which is the focal point of any personal injury claim. From the very first day of representation, we understand that client collaboration is not only our ethical duty, but the foundation of a successful case. No matter what type of injury you or a loved one has sustained, the team at The Ross Law Firm can assist you.

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